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Clinical Genomics Resource

The Clinical Genomics Research Resource aims to introduce clinicians and clinician-researchers to genomics research and to familiarise researchers and reviewers with key considerations for conducting clinical genomics research.



Genomics in action - clinical genomics 

Resource Learning Objectives

After reading this Resource, you will be able to:

  1. Outline features of clinical genomic research; 
  2. Identify key ethical considerations in genomics research;
  3. Outline a roadmap to develop an ethically defensible plan in clinical genomic research;
  4. Recognise skill sets required to conduct clinical genomics research;
  5. Outline processes for participant engagement and interaction;
  6. Explain key methods in genomic data capture, analysis and results interpretation;
  7. Understand the range of possible findings and results that may emerge and their possible impact on individuals and families;
  8. Appreciate possible obligations in returning results and whether or not to disclose; and
  9. Locate further relevant or required resources.