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The Centre for Genetics Education

Empowering health professionals to continue delivering improved outcomes in health care and well-being for individuals, families and the community, by providing credible genetics and genomics resources and information, in collaboration with our clinical and research partner organisations.

 The Centre for Genetics Education strives to be the trusted source of genetics and genomics information and resources for healthcare.


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 Meet the Team




Marie Brigitte Cusack:  Program Leader

(GP Education)

 Brigitte (B.Pharm) has provided education to health professionals and consumers for over 20 years.  Brigitte has a keen interest in delivering education to address specific learning needs and different preferred approaches to learning, required to assist health professionals in their daily practice.

At the Centre, Brigitte develops, implements and evaluates genetics educational strategies, resources and programs for non-genetics trained health professionals, with a focus on general practitioner (GP) education.

 Brigitte continues to identify knowledge and skills gaps and has expanded and promoted educational resources in partnership with an established network of key stakeholders. She works collaboratively on relevant research in genomics education.




Edwina Middleton: Program Leader (Genomics & Cancer Education)

Edwina is an FHGSA-certified genetic counsellor, with 12 years of experience working as a genetic counsellor in a broad range of settings, having worked in different states and in cancer genetics, general genetics (seeing paediatric, adult and prenatal patients) and now in education.

Edwina has a keen interest in education and her broad range of experience enables her to understand the educational needs of different patient groups. Edwina appreciates the importance to patients of having complex concepts explained simply and having patient-friendly written information and consent forms available for use.

Edwina is also interested in education for medical professionals. Professional educational needs are evolving rapidly along with the advances in genomic medicine and Edwina is working on developing new resources for use.  


Natalie Grainger: Project Officer

(Paediatric Intellectual Disability)

Natalie has been a medical writer for over 20 years. During this time, she has written a wide range of materials for health professionals and patients. She has had a keen interest in genetics since high school, and as part of her MSc in Scientific Communication, researched and wrote a sub-thesis on the communication of genetic concepts to lay audiences.

Natalie is currently working with a wider team within NSW Health to develop resources to help families and paediatricians understand and utilise new Medicare-approved genomic testing for children with intellectual disability.

       Vicki Reid

Vicki Reid: Office Manager

Vicki has worked as the Office Manager in the Centre for many years managing general administration, triaging telephone and online enquiries, maintaining the database and resources, providing executive assistance and keeping the website details up to date.

Provided administrative support to the Centre, the community and health professionals through many changes in genetic technologies and education, and in the Centre itself. Vicki has completed training in both Administration and Social Welfare.