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Genetics Fact Sheet Users Guide

The Centre for Genetics Education (CGE) produces genetics fact sheets to help individuals, families and health professionals better understand genetic health information, testing techniques and the impact genetics has on health and the community. 

The topics covered in the CGE fact sheets are intended to form a foundation of understanding of genetic principles, testing techniques and new genetic technologies. Over time, several fact sheets have also been developed for commonly diagnosed genetic conditions in response to education programs or community needs. As more information becomes available about a genetic condition or testing technique, CGE may cease to update a particular fact sheet. This avoids duplication and allows our resources to remain focussed on emerging and new information impacting on genetics and the community.  

How to use
Genetics fact sheets are available in PDF format which enables a clear layout for either online reading or printing. Fact sheets are numbered and grouped according to their subjects. The information and diagrams within them are covered by CGE’s  copyright policy

Each individual fact sheets is written by a specialist editorial team consisting of clinicians, educators and scientists trained in the discipline.  The team makes use of the most current and peer reviewed evidence available. None of the editorial team obtains financial benefit from their involvement.

The wide range of topics covered by the genetics fact sheets means there are also a great number of resources supporting them. References for individual fact sheets can be obtained by contacting CGE

While every effort is made to maintain a consistent and clear language in the genetics fact sheets, due to the often complex issues in genetics and diversity of readers there may be times where the meaning is unclear.  

The editorial team welcomes your feedback by contacting CGE

Last updated: Aug 04, 2016