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What is Genetic Counselling?

Genetic counselling provides an individual or family with information and support regarding health concerns which run in their family. Genetic counselling may involve the diagnosis of a genetic condition, the provision of information and supportive counselling (advice and guidance) by a team of health professionals, so that families and individuals may be better able to adjust to diagnosis. Follow-up counselling is available to ensure on-going support, review previous information or to answer new questions as they arise.

      Where can I find more information about Genetic Counselling?

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      How can Genetic Counselling services be accessed?

      The range and extent of genetics services available will vary throughout Australian States and Territories. Very often the service is based in a specialist paediatric or obstetric department of a hospital. While it is preferable to have a referral from a doctor or specialist in order to access genetic counselling services, an appointment can usually be made without any referral. Health care interpreter services are also available.

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      Last updated: Sep 22, 2014