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In addition to the Centre's teaching resources here are some key, tried and tested, resources to support New South Wales school teachers.

If you have further suggestions for resources to add to this directory please contact us.

(In alphabetical order)

  • Biotechnology Explorer Program
    Biotechnology company BioRad Laboratories has developed educational school materials and innovative kits for practical work.
  • Biotechnology Online
    Education portal developed by Biotechnology Australia, an initiative of the Australian Commonwealth Government.
  • Chromosome 11
    An animated resource (requires free Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in) produced for the 2001 Royal Institution Christmas lectures presented by Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston. Chromosome 11 is a fictitious genetic case study where the social, ethical and medical aspects of an inherited disease are investigated as the user is guided through a mock genetic counselling session. This activity focuses on the outcomes of Mendelian inheritance, and how a gene for disease can pass through generations.
  • DNA Interactive Website and DVD
    The DNA Interactive website produced by the Dolan DNA Learning Centre is an extensive high quality educational website exploring the history and science behind the human genome project. Teachers can use a lesson builder facility to create their own lessons based on the site's materials which students can then access online.
  • DNA - The Next 50 Years
    Free articles and resources from New Scientist magazine
  • Explore DNA and Genetics
    A section of the ABC's website including news and program transcripts.
  • Hot Topics: Human Genetic Information
    Includes accessible resources on the Science of Genetics, Genetic Testing, Insurance, DNA and Criminal Law, and Parentage Testing. Part of a series Legal Issues in Plain Langauage published by the State Library of New South Wales and written by the Australian Law Reform Commission. Available to view online and also in a printed version
  • The Human Genome: Your Genes, Your Health, Your Future
    This website aims to provide key information about the human genome: the science, its role in health and medicine, and the broader social impact of unravelling its mysteries. The site is produced by the Wellcome Trust, an independent research charity which funded part of the public initiative to map and sequence the human genome.
  • Practical Protocols
    Over 70 biotechnology practicals most of which can be used in open ended work.
  • Student workshops
    CSIRO Education in New South Wales run two DNA related workshops for students either at their base in Lindfield or by taking workshops out to your school.
  • Your Genes Your Health
    This minisite, produced by the Dolan DNA Learning Centre, Your Genes Your Health, profiles 15 different genetic conditions.
Last updated: Sep 29, 2014