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The Centre supports schools education through the development and provision of teaching resources and professional development opportunities for teachers in NSW.


Teaching Resources

Human Genetics for Primary School Students
Student worksheets and teachers' notes for introducing genetic science into the primary school classroom.

About Genes and Genetic Counselling
Brightly coloured posters designed to engage students' interest in the basic concepts of genes and explore genetic counselling as a profession.

Ethics in Genetics
A worksheet and three case study exercises outlining traditional ethical principles for decision making.

Interaction Between our Environment and our Genetic Make Up: A student worksheet exploring the interactions that occur between genetic instructions and environmental factors. The example used of folic acid supplements and how this knowledge can be used in the prevention of neural tube defects.

Diabetes and You: A comprehensive teaching unit developed for use with the New South Wales Board of Studies Science Syllabus Stages 4-5. In this unit students take on the role of science communicator whose task is to improve community awareness (including genetic aspects) of diabetes.

DNA Identification: A worksheet and case study exercises for students to explore the use of DNA markers in relationship testing and criminal forensics.

    Resource Directory and Links
    A new listing of externally produced high quality resources and ideas to support teaching human genetics in the classroom.



    Last updated: May 13, 2015