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    Centre for Genetics Education: ABN: 63 834 171 987

      General Resources

      Information on Genetic Conditions

      Not available online

      The Australasian Genetics Resource Book

      The 8th (2007) edition of the Australasian Genetics Resource Book contains:

      • support groups for genetic conditions
      • contacts for family cancer clinics, prenatal and general genetic counselling services in Australia and New Zealand
      • multicultural resources
      • 64 up-to-date genetics fact sheets covering a variety of genetic issues a glossary
      • references and websites
      Available in the the following formats:
      $60.00 (includes GST, postage and handling)
      $50.00 (includes GST, postage and handling)
      $55.00 (includes GST, postage and handling)

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      (02) 9462 9599 from within Australia or
      (+612) 9462 9599 from outside Australia


      • Resources are provided free of charge to NSW residents.
      • Interstate customers will be charged at a rate of:
        • $0.44 per pamphlet and
        • $4.40 per booklet

      An invoice payable within 30 days of receipt will be sent with your order.

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