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Useful Resources

The Centre for Genetics Education is dedicated to equipping health professionals who are non-genetics trained with the skills, resources and knowledge to manage the impact of genetic and genomic technologies on their practice.

Policies and Guidelines - NSW Genetic Health Web Portal
The New South Wales Ministry of Health  provides a single access point for the department's reports, policies and clinical guidelines.

Genetics in Family Medicine: The Australian Handbook for General practitioners

In late 2004, The Australian Government agency Biotechnology Australia initiated a project to develop a national educational resource on genetic medicine for Australian GPs. The outcome of this project is the Genetics in Family Medicine: The Australian Handbook for General Practitioners (2007).

EviQ - NSW Cancer Institute Cancer Treatments Online. EviQ Cancer Treatments Online provides accurate, current, relevant, and evidence based information for use at the point of care. All content development complies with a rigorous data governance model, and has led to clinicians viewing the resource as a credible information system within the Australian context.

Familial Risk Assessment - Breast and Ovarian Cancer (FRA-BOC) is an on-line tool designed for use by health professionals

    All resources can be ordered online or by contacting the Centre for Genetic Education.

    Cystic Fibrosis kit (Series of 5) (Cannot be viewed online but can be ordered online)
    1.  Basic facts about chromosomes, genes and cystic fibrosis 
    2.  How does cystic fibrosis happen?
    3.  Mutations causing cystic fibrosis 
    4.  Genetic testing for cystic fibrosis
    5.  Genetic counselling and cystic fibrosis

    The Importance of taking and drawing a genetic family history for Health Professionals.
    Using this guide, medical health professionals will be able to keep a concise record of a family's health history. A consumer/patient version is also available which can be completed prior to assessment.

    Familal Aspects of Bowel Cancer for Health Professionals
    Guidelines providing information about bowel cancer and family history, and the risk and management of familial bowel cancer for health professionals and consumers.


    Order a Publication

    All publications can be ordered from the Centre online or contacting us directly.

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